Perfect International, Inc.
Perfect International, Inc provides world-class solutions and on demand datacenter hosting services, such as dedicated servers, cloud servers, and other customized, advanced solution services from our growing facilities across U.S. and Asia.

Understanding the dynamic demands in hosting industry, we at Perfect International, Inc suppliy core advantages of industry leading hosting server experience and backed by our innovative technology and support capabilities, we deliver enterprise-grade solutions performance.

Each of our solution hosting service comes with complete standard features, redundant storage, reliable public and private network architectures which allows maximum accessibility with a 99.999% uptime guarantee, flexibility, security efficiency, and control with best environment to empower and ensure enterprises growth and success.

Discover our superior solutions of
Hardware services
Perfect International provides AMD and Intel single processor, single core, multi processor, and multi core in 32 bit and 64 bit options.

- Hard Drive
Perfect International offers a variety hardware upgrades and additions to ensure maximum applications performance. Hard drive upgrades are available from entry level to enterprise level applications performance requirements.

- Controllers
Perfect International RAID controllers enable the task processing and available in few choices for better performance and data redundancy of the servers.

- Memory/RAM
Perfect International offers additional memory for growing traffic websites and more features growth on the server. Additional memory supports better and improved server performance and capabilities.

- Hardware Firewall
To ensure flexibility and security of clients servers, Perfect International networks are equipped with Cisco firewall. Other types of firewall supporting servers against network attacks and other threats are available based on clients needs.

- Hardware Management
Hardware Management supports customer convenience in managing and accessing the server. Perfect International offers choices in hardware management from remote reboot port, KVM over IP, and IPMI.

Software services
- Operating System Software
Perfect International delivers a variety in operating system softwares for Linux, Windows, and hypervisor for cloud infrastructure and other customized and advanced operating systems.

- Control Panels
Perfect International provides a range of website management including but not limited to control panels supplied by vendors. We support customized vendor control panels and customized control panel based on clients needs as other available choices.

- Database Softwares
Perfect International offers various types of database softwares compatible with various operating systems.

- Backup Management Softwares
Perfect International data backups are configured, accessed, and performed over the private network, ensure security and efficient data transfers. We provides a variety in data backups softwares based on our clients needs and usage.

Network options
- Network Port
Perfect International servers is equipped with 100 Mbps ports and upgrades are available based on clients needs.

- IP Addresses
Perfect International offers IPv4 and IPv6 for each server and any additional IP addresses can be added to any of the servers.

- Bandwidth
Bandwidth usage is essential to allow server works fast and efficient. Perfect International ensures any packets going out from our network, choose the lowest latency for the fastest network server performance.

- Monitoring
As part of Perfect International commitment to our clients, we monitor servers 24 hours a day. Our support technicians are dedicated to give information regarding any problems with clients servers and get the right treatment whenever something is needed to be done with the servers.