Perfect International, Inc is a dedicated server and cloud computing company with 20 years of industry experience. We are dedicated to provide the best solutions for our valued customers.



909 S Cucamonga Ave #108
Ontario, CA, 91761

(877) 401-4238 (USA)
+1 213 291 1818 (International)

We Offer a Wide
Variety of Custom Services

Private Clouds

Get a private cloud system configuration in an environment that is dedicated just for you.

Firewall and Security

We offer a comprehensive firewall and security system that tailored to your business.

Server Clusters

We can manage your server into a cluster load balancing for better scaling needs.

Private Network and VLAN

We can help to connect your servers within the same private network to reduce public network usage.

Custom Hardware

From upgrades, add-ons, and complex system, we use a clear, effective process to find a special configuration for you.

Managed Service

Our experience makes us stand out from others. We have a dedicated team to do the technical part so you can focus on your business.